We help to promote the profession, raise industry awareness, provide for the exchange of information and increase the stature of the analysts within the industry. 

The Association of Lease and Title Analysts (ALTA) is a nonprofit organization established in 1980. ALTA has 40 years of service to the Greater Houston area land professional community within the Oil and Gas Industry. We facilitate the growth and development of the lease and title analyst via:

  • Problem solving workshops and seminars
  • Annual certification review / exams
  • Informative newsletters 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career openings
  • Webinars

Roslyn Allen, PhD, CPLTA


Bobbie Gustus, CPLTA

1st Vice President

Robyn Arnold, CPLTA

2nd Vice President

Katie Hess, CPLTA


Sheila Williams, CPLTA


Kathy Morris-White

Ethics and By-Laws

Kim Brooks


Lori Gaskill

Social Means & Ways

Lauri Kegans 

Joey King, CPLTA

NALTA Liaison

Kerry Hereden, CPLTA

CPLTA Liaison

Terms for Officers and Directors of ALTA are elected every 24 month. If you are interested in joining the board of as an Officers and Directors please contact ALTA. 

Currently open: Recording Secretary