ALTA Webinars 

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Industry Webinars

The Pandell Leadership Series Presents:

Pandell LandWorks Lunch and Learn - Pandell Support and You!

Presented by Kate Pickering Support Specialist @ Pandell  &

Eliza Edwards Customer Engagement Specialist @ Pandell 

The Gap Between Rhetoric & Reality: 

Creating A Pragmatic Vision of a Clean Energy Future

Presented by Suzanne Ogle, CEO of Southern Gas Association 

Video Summary:

In our polarized world, it is easy for conversations to get stuck. And when it comes to energy and the environment, conflicting views emerge that drive people apart like opposing magnets. How can we find new pathways forward on the big issues of our time -- whether at the holiday dinner table, in our organizations, or on the wider political stage? By understanding rhetoric and reality.

In this webinar, Southern Gas Association CEO Suzanne Ogle will discuss energy realism and the necessary dialogue between stakeholders on the interrelationships between energy and environment. To constructively advance energy, we need facts and the ability to discuss issues openly and respectfully. There is a tremendous amount of optimism in the energy sector when we take the long view and create a pragmatic vision.

How to Migrate Paper Land Files to Digital Asset Tracking & Mapping

Presented by Matt Kopycinski, Manager for Pandell's GIS & Land Record Services

Video Summary:

“…if you already start off on the wrong foot these documents can’t be processed in the appropriate manner for the future steps. Laying a good foundation is important with your documents…”

In this webinar, Pandell's own Matt Kopycinski provides an end-to-end process overview and discussion of best practices for energy asset A&D. He presents quality control measures that are key to reliable data integrity for utility, pipeline, renewable, mining, and O&G companies in Canada and the U.S.

30 gigawatts of U.S offshore wind by 2030 is the official development target set by the White House on March 29th. This effort is expected to support approximately 77,000 jobs in industry and surrounding communities, generate electricity to power over 10 million American homes, and cut 78 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

To support the aggressive inter-agency action plan, Reuters Events will host an industry panel discussion on April 20th at 10:30 am EST to unpack this target, what it means, and the action that will lead to its success.

Ask the experts, speakers include:

  • Moderator: Xizhou Zhou, Vice President & Global Managing Director - Global Power & Renewables, IHS Markit
  • Derek Stilwell, Director, Sales North America, GE Renewable Energy
  • Adrienne Downey, Principal Engineer, NYSERDA
  • Damian Bednarz, External Affairs Director, EnBW North America
  • Jennifer Daniels, Development Director, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

Missed the event watch the recording below!