2020 Member of the Year – Lori Gaskill

Lori joined the ALTA Board of Directors a few years ago. Little did we know she would take the position of “Social Ways & Means” and run with it! From her festive Holiday party to fundraisers and social events she is 100% all in. She has raised money and set up a level sponsorship using companies to fund events. She has been fortunate enough to gain her company, Repsol’s support where she hosted the 2019 November Seminar, a huge success. Lori was also responsible for many door prizes for ALTA and the NALTA Conference. Lori exudes a general likability that is infectious in any event and she has proven to be a value to the ALTA membership. It is our honor to bestow this award to our peer, coworker and above all, friend.



2020 Prism Award Winner - Company of the Year – Tri Energy Asset Management (TEAM)

ALTA relies strongly on company support. We chose 2020’s recipient because of the support this company has given ALTA over the years, not only in 2020 but for many years prior. Tri Energy Asset Management (TEAM) has been so thoughtful and supportive. As a Silver Level Sponsor TEAM has sponsored events, provides door prizes at luncheons and helped our members gain employment. The ALTA Board and ALTA Members thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.